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General Terms and Conditions


1. Improper use of the vehicle is prohibited. The car can be used only with keeping the highway code.

2. The car can be driven only by drivers named in the contract.

3. Without F.R.C. Ltd’s permission the Client is not allowed to make any repairs, fill up any liquid except windscreen washer.

4. The Client has to notify the owner and the police immediately in case of any damage, theft or accident. Otherwise he/she is responsible for all the damages.

5. The rental includes 170 km daily average usage. Above this we charge 3.000 HUF/100km.

6. The rental includes CDW with a non waiverable deductible as follows. Category A, B: up to 100.000 HUF; Cat. C, D: up to 125.000 HUF; Cat. E: up to 150.000 HUF; Cat. F: up to 200.000 HUF.

7. The insurance excludes damage of the wheels, tires, roof and passengercabin and any damage of the car below the curb area. In case of smoking 10.000 HUF extra cleaning fee will be charged.

8. The rental car has all the necessary permits and international insurance papers. The client must keep these and the keys and return them at drop off time.

9. During the rental period the client is solely responsible for any traffic violations and parking fine. Speeding over 130 km/h our company will charge 15.000 HUF even if offical fine occurs.

10. Client is allowed to take the rental car to foreign countries which is written on Car Data sheet. In case of inobservance this rule we will charge 30.000 HUF / country fine.

11. Client is asked to return the car with full gas tank as it was picked up. (within 10kms and showing the last receipt)

12.  The renter is financially responsible for all damage caused inobservance of the general terms.